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Your customers need information. Each year, CR Dynamic's professional agents answer thousands of questions from prospective customers. That's why we believe it is essential that they have access to the proper information in real-time.

Our agents have instant access to in-house libraries of your companies' most up-to-date information, as well as "Always On" internet access to your web site for additional customer questions. We even hone our agent's communications skills to provide consultative responses so your customers won't feel they're receiving typical canned answers.

What's equally important is the feedback you receive from the incoming calls and queries about your products and services. We gather your customer data and report back to you on a daily basis. Each one of our reports is fully customizable so you can see what's important to you and your decision making staff at a quick glance.

"Thank you for delivering quality services to our organization. We would have never reached our entire database in such a short period of time."
- Director of Marketing, Tire Company


Call answer center & call handling center at
CR Dynamics & Associates, Baltimore, Maryland.

CR Dynamics & Associates
7 East Redwood Street, 6th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
P: 410.347.5600
F: 410.347.5603

Specializing in call answer center & call handling center at CR Dynamics, Baltimore, Maryland.

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CR Dynamics offers an call answer center & call handling center. Offices in Baltimore, Maryland.