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Your customers are ready to buy. Are you ready to handle all of their orders?

CR Dynamics removes the hassle of order processing with a flexible staff of trained agents who can process secured credit card transactions in real time. Incoming callers speak with a professional agent who verifies their ordering information and gathers marketing data and other information for fulfillment purposes. Agents can even be trained to cross-sell other products and services for your company while your customers are finalizing their transaction.

With CRD, your company gets a responsive customer service team strategically coordinated with your entire marketing and advertising plan. What your customers get is a "one call does it all" service center for all of their ordering and information needs.

"I called the toll free line to test the agents knowledge and found all your agents are asking the right questions and are very friendly. Thanks for all the hard work!"
- Government Contracting Officer


Order processing call centers at CR Dynamics, Baltimore, Maryland.

CR Dynamics & Associates
7 East Redwood Street, 6th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
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Specializing in order processing call centers at CR Dynamics, Baltimore, Maryland.

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CR Dynamics offers order processing call centers. Offices in Baltimore, Maryland.