|Solutions For Your Business with Our Call Center

  • servicesQuick and easy design and deployment of new programs
  • Seamless integration across multiple applications
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Live agent assisted services
  • IVR – Automated voice messages, voice mail
  • Quality Monitoring – blended voice and screen

Blended (inbound and outbound) interactions

  • INBOUND – combine the IVR and skills based routing to deliver customer support by fully trained and friendly call center agents.
  • OUTBOUND – reaching out to your customers, using the dialer is at least 100% more efficient than dialing manually – keeps call center agents busy with productive calls.


  • Customer activation and enrollment
  • Informational help desk
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Direct customer support
  • Customer Assessment & recommendation support
  • Verification and Activation support
  • Order Taking
  • Product returns / credit
  • Collections
  • Outreach Survey support


DASHBOARDS tell us a whole lot more than just numbers on a screen. We’re able to monitor and manage call length, calls in queue, break times and available agents.